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Your dissertation table of contents should be as long as the entire document. In addition, it should contain no https://writemyessaypro.net/custom-writing/ than two levels of headings. The headings should be of appropriate level. You can omit the level 3 headings, such as the introduction, main body, http://writemyessaycheap.us/ review, methods, and bibliography. However, it is best to include them. The correct headings will help your readers navigate your paper.

If you're writing a dissertation, it's imperative to have a table of contents. This will show the reader where to find certain https://essaywriteronline.co/ of your work. It's best to include level one and two headings on the same page. If your dissertation is a full-length piece, you should also include a dedication page. Once you've added your dedication page, make sure your table of contents has the right page numbers.


Your dissertation table of contents should contain only the sections that follow the abstract. You should not include the pages that precede it. Your references section should be included in your table of contents as well. It should contain chapter numbers, references, and chapter titles. The entries should be aligned with the left margin of the document. If you have any figures or appendices, you should also include them on your table of contents.





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